Will Short Hair Suit Me?

Short Hairstyle Ideas from Amour Hair and Beauty Salon in Salford

Are you looking for a brand new hairstyle? Is it time for a radical makeover? Let the team of talented stylists at Amour hair salon in Salford help find the perfect hairstyle for you.

Deciding on the right hairstyle can be daunting, which is why our expert stylists are on hand to help. We really do understand which hair cuts, styles and colours will suit your face shape and colouring, so book in for a free consultation and let us help.


One of the most difficult hair decisions many women face is whether to go from long to short. If you really are afraid of going for the chop, try a mid-length style such as a fashionable bob instead. Once you’re used to that, perhaps you can progress to a short style -maybe a cool pixie cut or asymmetrical style.

Of course, there are always little tricks you can try at home to find out whether a short hairstyle will suit you. Place a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Measure the height of where the pencil and the ruler intersect. Less than 2.25 inches? Go for the chop. Longer than 2.25 inches? Long hair may look better on you.

But there are always exceptions so why not book in for your hair appointment now by calling our hair salon in Salford on 0161 736 3300. It’s time for a new-look you!

Let These Gorgeous Short Hairstyles Inspire You…