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Hair Cuts & Hairstyles at Amour Hair Salon in Salford, Manchester

At our Salford Hairdressers, we offer expertise in all aspects of hairdressing, but it’s our mission to offer you a great hair cut that’s personal to you. We understand that every client is unique and therefore no two haircuts will ever be the same on two different people. The dedicated team at our Salford salon is constantly developing new skills and techniques in hair cutting and styling. So if you are looking for the best hairdressers in Salford then you’re in safe hands.



Great Hair Cuts & Hairstyles at Top Manchester Salon

Our hair stylists will use a combination of techniques and tools when cutting your hair. However before they can do this they need to consider a number of factors that will help them to give you the perfect hair cut.

Factors such as your head shape, face shape and facial balance need to be considered before any cutting takes place. For example, bang fringes are used if the forehead is too large – the fringe gives the illusion of a smaller forehead. Hairdressing tools such as scissors, razors and clippers may be used depending on what hair cut and style that you choose creating effects including:

  • Movement – swept sleek, wavy or structured
  • Texture – sharp, wispy, smooth or blunt
  • Volume – density and hair body

Choose The Best Hair Cut in Salford at Amour Salon

The 21st century now allows you to be daring, adventurous and different. Fashions have greatly changed in the 2000′s. Prior to this, having a hair cut and style was about following the rules and wearing it because it was considered ‘in’. Nowadays, you can have what you like and can even set your own hair style and fashions without having to follow the crowd!

Our hair experts will work with you to access your face shape, facial features and how long you have at home to style and look after your hair before deciding on hair cuts and styles suitable for you.

Top Hair Cuts & Hairstyles at Amour Hairdressers, Salford

It’s important that you have a hair cut and style that suits and compliments you. There are many trends endorsed by celebrities but it doesn’t mean just because it looks good on them, it will on you. Our expert hair stylists will work with you and guide you on what will best suit you.

There are a few pointers to take into consideration that may help you to choose your cut and style:

  • A soft graduated hair cut on to the face is ideal at disguising a larger nose.
  • Graduation that adds width to the head and extends the neck is useful for those with short necks.
  • Soft waves or a short choppy hair cut that adds width suits long faces.

Short Haircuts & Styles at Top Hairdressers, Salford

There are many different woman’s short hair cuts available from cute pixie cuts, sophisticated chops and sassy but sexy crops. Our hair stylist will use a range of hair techniques to create the look that you want. Short hair cuts are designed to really highlight and accentuate your features, and you certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Medium Length Haircuts & Styles at Salford Hairdressing Salon

Medium hair length is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your hair style maintenance. However it’s very versatile should you want to give it some TLC and can be curled, wavy, straight or even put into a classic hair up

For variety, versatility and lots of variation talk to us about what medium length hairstyle would suit you and your lifestyle.

Long Hairstyles at Amour Hair Salon in Manchester

The long hair trend is a classic and is around to stay. Whether natural or artificial, long hair is alluring, flattering and signifies youth – so it’s no surprise so many people want it. There are many ways to cut and style long hair from: hippy, bohemian or even formal. A number of hair cutting techniques can be used to create shape, volume and framing; from layers to feathering.

We will work with you to find a cut and style that will suit your personal style and lifestyle needs.

Contemporary Hair Cuts & Styles at Amour Hair Salon, Manchester 

Hair fashions come and go rather quickly but sometimes classics stay around forever! Although there are a few trends that have been started off by celebrities and have become popular.

Fringes, particularly blunt ones have been made popular by the likes of . They’re good for defining your face and giving a bold and dramatic outline. A variation to this is a soft fringe; this gives a younger appearance and can finish off an elegant hair up beautifully.

Hollywood glamour is a classic hairstyle and one to stay. They have a flirty and vintage feel to them which flatter most face shapes an exude confidence.

Top Men’s Hair Cuts & Styling at Amour Hairdrssers Salford

Men’s hair cuts require a lot of precision and can be more challenging in a technical way. Because it’s shorter, it’s less forgiving if there are cutting errors and can result in graduation and weight difficulties. Our in-house expert, Gary, specialised in offering precise hair cuts for men.

Although there are mens hair trends that many like to follow, the team at our Salford Hairdressers are on hand to offer your expert guidance and advice should you need it. Check out our Gents Hair Page here for more information.

If you are looking for hairdressing discounts in Manchester then take a look at our offers page where we have fantastic salon offers in our Salford hair salon.

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