Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction at Amour Hair and Beauty Salon

At our hair salon in Salford we change hair colour and correct hair colour disasters on a daily basis. One of our professional team will guide you through the colour correction process step by step, from your initial consultation right through to your finished result. A hair colour disaster whilst upsetting and stressful, it is essential you seek professional advice immediately, one of our friendly team will decide on how to correct your hair colour disaster. Call one of our qualified colour technicians at Amour Hair and Beauty Salon and let us fix those shading problems back to perfection.


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Hair Colour Correction

Has your home hair colour experiment gone terribly wrong? Did the shade on the box turn out totally different to what you expected? Don’t panic, we have all been there. If you have had a hair colour disaster at home don’t try applying another shade over the top. Get expert help if your hair colour needs correcting, we have the skills and experience to correct your hair colour whatever the mistake, giving you perfect hair colour results.

Hair Colour has turned out too dark or too light?

Did your hair colour turn out too dark? If so we can lighten it up by adding a few highlights. If your hair colour turned out too light, we can easily fix it by adding a warmer shade or a darker colour. Whichever hair colour disaster you may have our professional hair colour technicians will advise you after consultation on correcting your hair colour shade to recreate a gorgeous overall hair colour.

Fixing hair colour disasters

If your hair has been over processed and become brittle and dry, at Amour Hair Salon we can help to repair and restore your hair by giving back some of the moisture lost by over processing. The great news is that once your hair has been treated your hair will be rejuvenated and return your locks back to healthy vibrant hair.


Correcting Hair Shade problems

Hair colour correction is best left to the professionals, call in and see one of our friendly hair colour technicians who can advise you on the best course of action for your hair colour disaster. If your highlights are too bright, brassy or yellow, or even if you have too many highlights, don’t panic we can easily fix this for you. If your tint has been over applied and you have dark bands of colour, we can correct this for you, our fully qualified colour technicians can cater for all of your problems, giving you back stunning hair colour results.

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Hair Colour Correction Appointment

Book a hair colour correction appointment with one of our friendly team at our hair and beauty salon in Salford by giving us a call on 0161 736 3300